8 Android Phones under 30,000 Naira In Nigeria

Best 8 Android Phone Below #30,000 - Techwaysout.com
Best 8 Android Phone Below #30,000 - Techwaysout.com
Here are some of the finest Android devices under 30,000 Naira that fit whatever your budget unit is looking for. Here are some great inexpensive Android devices for under 30 000 Naira that can be bought.
If you have a much tighter budget, do you have a budget, but you still need an Android device, which provides you with anything else than simply calls and messages? Without breaking the bench, let’s help you find a wonderful phone.

Best 8 Android Phones under 30,000 Naira in Nigeria

  • Leagoo KIICAA Power
  • Tecno WX3 P
  • Ouikitel C8
  • Itel P51
  • Itel P31
  • Cubot R9
  • Homtom S16
  • Itel S12

1. Leagoo KIICAA Power

8 Android Phones under 30,000 Naira In Nigeria
8 Android Phones under 30,000 Naira In Nigeria

A 5.0-inch display with 1280×720 resolution features in Leagoo KIICAA Power. The top is a 5 MP camera that operates in conjunction with the 8MP drive behind you to provide a nice experience with pictures and video shooting. If you go into the hood, you will find values like 2 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM and a CPU with up to 1.3GHz quads.

The Android 7.0 Nougat OS has been altered as Leagoo’s internal OS 3.0 Lite Benutzeroberfläche. The unit provides a fingerprint sensor to cap everything. The rather big 4000mAh battery is backed by all of these. The Leagoo KIICAA Power is one of the finest android handsets with 30 000 naira at about 20,000 Naira.

Where to Buy Leagoo KIICAA Power

Jumia.com.ng    ₦19,950.00

2. Tecno WX3 P

8 Android Phones under 30,000 Naira In Nigeria
Tecno WX3 P

Naturally, without mention of at least one phone of the famous phone products in Nigeria it will be strange to have a list of the finest Androids under 30,000 Naira. Tecno’s offer is even stronger because it has a huge battery with 5,000 mAh.

This implies that a very healthy battery life should be provided by the Tecno WX3 P (a.k.a. Tecno WX3 Pro) It has a 5-inch screen, a 5MP back and a 5MP front camera. This feels like a good deal at a cost of 26,500 Naira. You can use the Tecno WX3, but you have to run a 2,500 m Ah battery if you have a tighter budget.

3. Ouikitel C8

8 Android Phones under 30,000 Naira In Nigeria
Ouikitel C8

It’s their huge batteries if Ouikitel is known for one thing. That’s why we trust the Ouikitel C8 with a 3000mAh battery that can clock up to 1,3GHz and support the 2 GB RAM and quad-core CPU. With Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box, the 5.5-inch smartphone ships support double SIMs and is relatively lightweight, with a scale of less than 0.35 grams.

It would be a mistake to speak about this device and not mention the 13MP camera sensor on the back and the 5MP camera itself. Fingerprint sensors, 3 G network support and an HD display (1280 x 640 pixels) are included.

The Oukitel C8 is one of your Android ph choice if you want to have a large battery. Fingerprint sensors, 3 G network support and HD display (1280 x 640 pixels) are on board. For Android phones below 30,000 Naira, the Oukitel C8 is one of your choices.

Where to Buy Oukitel C8

Jumia.com.ng   ₦24,900.00

4. Itel P51

8 Android Phones under 30,000 Naira In Nigeria
Itel P51

The Itel P51 is another inexpensive 5000 mAh smartphone. The Itel P51 is one of the best Android phones under 30 thousand, with a promise of up to 3 days of battery life, when battery life is the main concern.

You’ll also have a 5,5-inch screen, an 8MP back camera, and a cost of about 29,990 2MP front camera, which makes up less than 30,000 Naira.

5. Itel P31

8 Android Phones under 30,000 Naira In Nigeria
Itel P31

Itel P31 is yet another Itel smartphone with a 5000 mAh battery that makes this line-up of best Android devices below 30,000 Nayra worth mentioning. The beauty is that at a cost of around 23,500 Naira it is still more affordable.

The IPS display can be 5.0-inch and can offer battery life for up to 3 days. If you have a tighter budget, this Itel P12, for around 20,000 Naira, is a much more inexpensive alternative. The P12 still features 5000 mAh, but Android 6 (Marshmallow) compared to the Android 7 (Nougat) P31.

6. Cubot R9

8 Android Phones under 30,000 Naira In Nigeria
Cubot R9

The 5.0-inch Cubot R9 is an attraction to behold, although the user did not have the choice between a lovely Gold and Blue colour. This unit operates on Android 7.0 Nougat over and above esthetics. A quad core CPU with a 2 GB RAM and a speed of 1.3GHz can not be missed as it reaches further under the hood.

The 16MP inner room is used for storage. This would of course be shared among the users and the system applications, therefore it is recommended to expand over the current MicroSD card slot.

Where to Buy Cubot R9

Jumia.com.ng   ₦26,200.00

7. Homtom S16

8 Android Phones under 30,000 Naira In Nigeria
Homtom S16

The Homtom S16 can be readily passed on as an instrument purchased above the cost, if you have no confidence in anybody. The strong exterior is complemented by smart engineering to create a vibrant appearance for the phone.

The device’s front consists primarily of a 640 x 1280 pixels resolution 5.5 inch display. An amazing 8MP camera device for selfie enthusiasts is located just above the screen. The back is even more exciting with two camera sensors instead of one.

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Yes, 13MP + 2MP dual camera sensors to make your pictures even more deep and clear. If we don’t forget, a quad-core CPU is available with 1.3-Ghz clock speed and a 2 GB memory assignment.

Internal space for storage from the 16 GB base available can be increased to 64 GB. Living with Android 7 Nougat, there’s extra safety with a rear fingerprint sensor. A good 3000mAh battery completes the amazing run. The HomTom S16 is likely one of the best Android phones under 30,000 Naira if you want a dual camera and a good battery.

Where to Buy HomTom S16

Jumia.com.ng   ₦23,990.00

8. Itel S12

8 Android Phones under 30,000 Naira In Nigeria
Itel S12

The S12 is another cheap Itel telephone. It’s only a small smartphone for 23,900 Naira. The fingerprint sensor is displayed in 5-inch size, two front cameras and a back face.

The Itel S12 does not give a 5000mAh battery, as opposed to the three other Itel Phones in the lineup, you get a standard 2 400-mAh battery, which should still provide good battery life.

Where to Buy Itel S12

Jumia.com.ng    ₦23,900.00

We have promised and delivered the best Android phones of under 30,000 Naira. Do you feel you have a single machine in the same price range on this list? Or perhaps you’ve discovered one for which you will certainly place an order. We will listen to it in the comment section regardless of what it is.


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