Different types of Bank and how to Bank with them.


How to Bank with different types of Bank.

Selecting a bank for for your individual needs depends greatly on what banking services fit your needs, finances, as well as age and lifestyle. The younger might want to invest for their future, and will search for high interest rates, and look for the future of their investment growth. The retired seniors, who live on limited income, need security, and are thinking more short term and safety of their funds and will look for Government Insured backing and security.

1 Choose the the type of bank that is suited to your banking needs. Learn that there are various services that might be given to the investor in one type of bank, that cannot be found in another type.

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2 Private Bank services These banks are targeted to the extremely wealthy and offer more than just the usual banking services. They will advise and even steer you towards building an investment portfolio.


3 Offshore banks Provide all modes of banking and their clients tend to be individuals or companies that bank offshore for low tax or no tax banking. Offshore banking is also another method of protecting assets and are also geared to the very wealthy.


4 Investments banks Geared towards those individuals of any financial background, and those who are looking to make investments so as to increase their finances. Investment banking is not about quick returns.


5 Commercial banks offer currency exchange in foreign countries, and services to commercial clients such as: Loans and investment Planning, Credit cards and debit cards, Checking accounts, Pension planning and venture capital.

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6 Savings banks Offer various saving schemes to clients. Some of these schemes are targeted at customers who want “Tax avoidance” and tend to mean the customers savings be locked for a number of years. Savings banks various types of investment planning as well, that is not FDIC guaranteed. This type of bank is what most people use so they can save, get interest, quick access to funds to pay bills, and for checking accounts. Most of these banks are guaranteed by the government, so people who have limited funds, feel secure that while they may not possibly double their money, they will not lose it either.

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7 Community banks offer banking services to the community that formed it. They tend to be about aiding the community with services such as low interest loans.

8 Islamic Banks offer services that follow the Islamic laws. The concept of interest is forbidden in Islam which means Islamic banks avoid charging interest. The Islamic banks tend to charge their clients or charge a mark up fee. The Islamic banks also have scheme where their clients ‘profit share’.

9 Merchant banks are engaged in trade financing. The definition, however, refers to banks which provide capital to companies in the form of shares rather than loans.

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