Google says it’s not yet accessible to claim Android Auto update


After a reddit user posted an image saying that they have received a major update, on their Android Auto app, Google reacted to the fact that they don’t have any such an update. Earlier this year, Google said it was undergoing several fresh characteristics to revise its car interface scheme. Originally this summer, the time for the refreshment was set.

Many editors proposed that the post picture is a Photoshop task . In fact, certain claims were counterbalanced by allegations that Photoshop is used to demonstrate Photoshop.

Others proposed a shift to Google’s server-side interface for the platform so it will not require an real update. This is meaningful because Google has several services updated through server switches. This can occasionally lead to an end user receiving an update that they should not receive. In this example, that might be the case.

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Google says it's not yet accessible to claim Android Auto update

The new interface is meant to improve such as faster start-up times, faster interface navigation with a fresh navigation bar and less taps required for distinct assignments and a fresh dark topic.

Google also works on ensuring the growing size and shape of car screens can be managed with the Android Auto interface.


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