How to turn the dark mode on in WhatsApp chat


The internet is described mainly on a white background as black text.

But there is increasing agreement among both app developers and operating systems that the job may be an eye-sore.

Dark mode by inverting colors is a easy answer to prospective eye strain.

Renowned outlet WABetaInfo announced back in September 2018 that WhatsApp was working on a dark mode.

WABetaInfo is a well-known journal that carefully analyzes beta and alpha versions of the software in an effort to obtain insight into future characteristics.

On his Twitter account, WABetaInfo disclosed: “I’m pleased to offer the excellent news solely: WhatsApp is lastly working on a dark mode!

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“In latest updates, there are many significant hidden references!

“Be patient to see it out, hoping that for Android devices, iPhone X and newer it will be FULL OLED friendly!”

Since then, the outlet has published pictures of the supposed dark theme used, providing a seductive glimpse of how the characteristic might look.

However, WhatsApp has neither remarked on the presence of the function nor provided an official release date since the original WABetaInfo announcement.

There is a clever trick to replicate the impact of dark mode until an official dark topic is published.

Selecting a matt black background can enhance the user experience significantly, particularly in the case of nightly discussions.

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For the WhatApp Groups the background picture is also used.

Dark mode history:

In 1991, Apple’s System 7 OS was one of the first operating systems to provide a darker screen option.

Later on, Windows 95 was filled with a high contrast toggle.

The 2001 Windows XP has gone further with several topics of high contrast and the possibility of changing the user interface’s color.

Rapid a few years ahead and dark mode is a common alternative with YouTube and the 10,14 Mojave macOS from Apple.

How to make WhatsApp darker:

  • From the WhatsApp button bar, select Settings tab, then click Chats, Chat Wallpaper, and Solid Colours.
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How to turn the dark mode on in WhatsApp chat
Settings tab>>>chats>>>chat wallpaper>>>solid colors.
  • Next thing you need to do is to scroll down the option Solid Colors and select any dark color to apply the dark wallpaper to the chat screen.
How to turn the dark mode on in WhatsApp chat
Solid colors.

Users can also use a custom dark image by saving the image to the camera roll and selecting the pictures on the chat wallpaper page.


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