Huawei smartphones will also be unable to use the microSD cards.


The US companies are simply breaking their ties with the popular Chinese smartphone maker Huawei. And as a result of the trade war between the US and China, now we have discovered that, just after the loss of the ARM license, that simply prevents them from manufacturing any kind of processor, now Huawei smartphones will also be unable to use the microSD cards as well.

Huawei Banned From The SD Association: No More microSD

Yes, recently, the SD Association, which handles the manufacturers that encourage the use of SD cards and microSD in the devices we use every day, had Huawei as a member. However, the fact is that now the company has been suspended from the association due to the trade war between the US and China.

Until a few days ago, the popular Chinese smartphone maker, Huawei appeared in the list of companies that were part of the association, just between the HTC and Huizhou. But, now, the company has disappeared from the list without any further explanation.

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As we all know very well that for a maker it is much essential to be part of the SD Association to be able to provide slots for microSD and SD cards in devices, like smartphonescameras, computers, laptops,and tablets.

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Hence, when the brand Huawei is out, the future smartphones that the company will launch will not be able to provide a slot for microSD cards. However, the current smartphones should have no major problem, since they have signed agreements and licenses before all this happened, and, of course, it may seem quite funny to say this, but the fact is that no one will come to take the slot of a smartphone that already has it.

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Moreover, if you don’t know then let me recall that the SD Association is basically based in San Ramon, which is a well-known City in California, United States, so it is logical that it joins other barriers of companies based in the country, like Intel, Qualcomm, Microsoft, AMDand much more.

But, now many of you might be thinking that what about ARM, as it is based in the United Kingdom? Yes, now let me elaborate it for you, basically, in the case of ARM, although it is based in the United Kingdom, it uses the technologies from the United States. Hence, at the moment, there is no other association that has yet eliminated the well-known Chinese brand Huawei.

In short, if we clarify the situation of the companies that are based in the United States, then let me tell you that they are simply declining to do business with the Chinese brand Huawei, as currently, they have no other option available to perform or implement.

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As the United States has simply clarified all the tech companies in the US that if they will break the law and rules of the country, then they will also face the same situation of Huawei, hence, as a result, the US law will simply blacklist them, as they have done with Huawei.

Hence, currently, this sensitive situation is hurting the companies themselves more than Huawei.

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