Microsoft’s mobile return will be an Android apps-based double-screen surface


It feels as if 2020 will be strange, and you’ll probably see two different plying phones and a return to Microsoft’s mobile device.

These two things are also linked, as it’s rumored that the phone is a folding Microsoft Surface computer capable of running Android applications.

It’s still a rumor, so bring it all with salt grain, but the rumor says it will likely not be a phone effectively.

The Surface Line focuses more on productivity machines, in laptop or tablet form, and although this device is slightly smaller, it won’t create calls and shuffle with your pocket.

It will instead be commercialized as a productivity phone with a tailor-made Intel processor which, thanks to its touchscreen, is able to run Win32 apps and Android applications.

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It will not plike as the Galaxy Fold does, but will only use two 4:3 periodic displays as a larger screen together.

We saw Microsoft’s dabble with all support for Android and Windows 10 integrating, so honestly all this isn’t too hesitant.

I still think it would be difficult for many users to sell, particularly with the forthcoming folding phones of other producers, but it’s interesting to learn how Microsoft breaks up mobile after Windows Phone fails, even if it isn’t using applications from its own platform only.


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