Pros And Cons Of Phone With ‘No Internet Access’ (small phones)

Pros And Cons Of 'No Internet Access Phone' (small phones)
Pros And Cons Of 'No Internet Access Phone' (small phones)

The world is now turning to smartphone arena, people want to upgrade their self, nobody will like to stay behind the scene, but no how, we might still need to use a phone that can’t access internet e.g Nokia 3310(old), Nokia 1200 and so on.
By Using them, there will be pros and cons, just as everything had it, so today and sharing some pros and cons of using ‘no internet access phones’, follow me lets continue.

Pros Are As Folows:

1. The Battery Stay Longer
2. It’s Keep Your Sim Card Active For Incomming Calls/Sms All Time
3. It’s Useful For Emergency Calls/Sms
4. Its Lightweight
5. Ease Of Operating
6. Their Price Is Cheap

The Battery Stay Longer

The Battery stay longer before shutdown because you will not have time to operate it, it’s small and you might not even have anything special to operate on it
It’s Keep Your Sim Card Active For Incomming Calls/Sms All Time
It let your sim stay online all time because the battery is stronger or it stay longer, meanwhile you don’t operate the phone all time like you do to your smartphone.

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It’s Useful For Emergency Calls/Sms

As soon as the phone battery stay longer, you can pick it up at anytime to perform a call or sms action for an emergency time, then, you might have had flat battery on your smart phone.

Its Lightweight

A small phone has a less weight over most of the smartphones out there, because the content inside of it are lesser than that of the smartphone, although , some are heavier than some smartphone, but majority of the small phones are lightweight

Ease Of Operating

They are very easy to operate, due to low functions on them, even 80’th years old person can operate them.

The Price Is Cheap

There price are most time cheaper than smartphones even, let me say it’s all time cheaper than smartphones, because of their functions and abilities
Those are for the pros(advantages), lets check the cons(disadvantages) section

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Cons Are As Folows:

1. It Cannot Access Internet
2. Poor Display Graphics
3. They Are Not Smart
4. It Can Be Easily Lost

It Cannot Access Internet

The no 1 disadvantages is that they can’t access internet, and nobody want’s to stay out of been connected to the internet.

Poor Display Graphics

The display graphics are old and poor, people now wants smartphone graphical displayed phones.

They Are Not Smart

Small phones are not smart like thet of android , ios and others.

It Can Be Easily Lost

Infact, they are very easy to lost, because of their weight and size, you can keet it inside your bag in a few minutes and you might not remember where you kept it anymore, perharps you are looking for the phone, until you heard it rang inside the bag you have already check , they are very easy to lose or stolen.
Thanks You For Reading

I prefer Using both the smart phone and the small phone at the same time…I don’t know about you…what did you think?
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