What to do to Recover Photos and Drive Sync After Google Ends


We’ll clarify here what’s going on beginning on the 10th of July, as the shift occurs. Also, we’ll demonstrate you how to back up your Google Photos from Android or iOS on. Or, if you want to do it from a Mac or Windows laptop, we’ll indicate you that, too. You’re going to do it from your own desktop, and you’re going to get the best out of the box.

What’s going on with Google Drive and Photos?

The fresh pictures or videos you take added to your Google Drive will not be available in Photos any more starting in July. And images and videos that have been added to Google Photos will no longer automatically be added to Drive. Also, they are not removed from Drive if you delete pictures from Google Photos –and vice versa.

Google notes the following:

Photos will stay in pictures for any pictures or videos that you uploaded in Drive before this shift. You will stay in the drive with the’ Google Photos ‘ folder, but you don’t update it automatically anymore. When you’re on a computer, you can continue to “use Backup and Sync on Windows or macOS to upload to both services in High Quality or Original Quality.”

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So, you will not delete the pictures you have now. You won’t lose your pictures. You will no longer synchronize each service. The firm is also presenting Google Photos with a “Drive Upload” function. You can copy objects to drive manually in photos. “We have received feedback from Google on the confusing relationship between these facilities.” Nevertheless, the safeguarding of your phones and blocks on your phone or computer still deserves attention.

Back Up Your Photos from an Android or iPhone

On Android, your pics and vides are simple to back up. You can use your phone’s Photos app to do that. If on iPhone you are, you can download the Photos app from the App Store.

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Open the app and go to Settings > Back up & sync then verify the “Back up & sync option is toggled on.

What to do to Recover Photos and Drive Sync After Google Ends

Back Up Your Photos on Windows 10 or macOS

Download and install Google’s Backup and Sync app if you upload photos or videos you have moved to your PC or Mac. It’s an app that’s simple to use that can save your pictures to Google Photos. Start and log in with credentials from your Google account. Choose the folders you want to back up with your pictures. In “High” or “Original” quality, you can also put your typical images here.

What to do to Recover Photos and Drive Sync After Google Ends

The bottom of the page also contains a “Advanced Settings” connection. You can choose to synchronize everything with Google Drive, folders and more on your scheme here.

What to do to Recover Photos and Drive Sync After Google Ends

This is not, of course, the only way to save your pictures. However, it is useful to use Google Photos solely on the internet.

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If you don’t want to lose your information, having a strong backup approach is highly essential. It is also essential to maintain your backed-up information safe. When on a Mac, ensure that Time Machine backups are set for a MacOS. And check out our Windows 10 backup manual for Windows. You should also use a back-up service, such as Backblaze or SpiderOak, in addition to local backups.

And for all the information of Google’s change, check out its FAQ page.


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